Immortal Incarnations

is a friendly, family oriented, "casual-raiding" guild.  

We attempt to keep a stress free environment, bearing in mind that we DO NOT tolerate rudeness, foul or abusive language - in ANY chat form; theft, or the interference of anyone else's gameplay which is not specifically part of the game. 

We understand that real life comes first, and therefore do not consider ourselves to be hardcore.  However, our raiding core is held to a somewhat higher standard.   We move at a slower pace but are very proud of the progress we have made and will continue to make, now and into the next expansion.  We do not chastise our raiders for mistakes or "bench" them for a lower "I Level".  We work hard while still having fun and try not to forget that this is a place that we are meant to enjoy.  It is not a job.



If you are interested in joining Immortal Incarnations, you may contact Winterfire, or any other II member in-game with questions, or drop an application on this website.


Happy gaming!